The Facts

Each year new teachers are involved in our celebration. So here are the answers to a few FAQs.

The festival is held at Compass Community Church, located at the corner of Hwy. 10 and Hockley Rd. just north of Orangeville. Click here for location.

DYFA feedback from teachers recommended that performers appreciate a full audience each morning. 60-80 (performers, supervisors, and teaching staff) per school is recommended. Performing groups are expected to stay the entire morning to provide encouragement and support. Everyone appreciates performing for a full audience.

You will be sent your performance date in December, after initial registration, and your performance time in February. Stage management and emcee registration forms are due March 11. School bands usually perform at the beginning of each half to allow time for set up.
O Canada will start each day at 9:45 am. Arrive in time to check in at the Welcome Centre. All teachers, supervisors wear nametags. Arrive in time to check in with Marilyn, our stage manager about your sound / projection plan (accompaniment CDs, placement of microphones, etc.). Festival Volunteers will welcome you with information packages, and take you to an assigned seating area. They will request that you fill in the feedback form in before you leave. Our Festival Volunteers will ensure that the morning runs as smoothly as possible.

How long?
Each school performance must not exceed 12 minutes in total. Please time your entire performance and respect this maximum. Several groups may perform within the 12 minutes. If possible, have all performing groups come to the stage at one time to avoid time spent moving groups.

Reminder: Thank you for being respectful of our host facility and primary aged audience members when selecting materials for performances.

A chant will be used to conclude each morning of the festival. This chant is available here.

Here is the morning’s itinerary:
Introductory remarks, O Canada, performances, snack break, performances, DYFA Chant (available on the Home page) and concluding remarks. Be sure to arrange for time to browse the amazing visual art displays before departing on the bus.
Please have three students write and or send pics about their most memorable DYFA 2016 moment. Mail these to Carters,  Attn: Wendy, 211 Broadway, Orangeville, ON L9W 1K4. They will be displayed at the DYFA Awards of Excellence ceremony.

Who’s in charge of students?
Teachers are in charge of their students at all times. Students are to be accompanied by their teachers or supervisors always, including trips to the washrooms. All audience members are to remain seated and quiet during school performances. At the emcee or director’s request, we can join in clapping along to tunes. Please leave electronics at home or turn them off. During the intermission students may eat snacks outside with supervision.

What kinds of performances have been done?
Performances vary from a four-minute Primary class-read poem or song, to a Junior recorder club rendition, a Senior project unit drama or skit, or gymnastic ribbon choreography.

Reminder: Thank you for being respectful of our host facility and young family audience re: performance material.

I’m the assigned DYFA contact at our school but have never attended. Help!
Mary Runciman is willing to help teachers choose, develop, stage or present performances. You will find that the DFYA team is open to ideas on making the festival work for everyone involved – your input is valued!

When is it over?
You will know the approximate ending time for your festival day by February.
Please ensure that your students have time to browse the incredible curriculum based, student visual arts displays before you depart.
Please fill out the festival feedback form found in your DFYA Welcome package and leave it at the Welcome Centre as you leave.  We value your opinions.

Can parents attend?
This festival is primarily an arts experience for students. Schools are to inform parents ahead of time that for the safety of all children no photography of any kind (photograph/video) is permitted at the DFYA. Parents must sign in agreeing to abide by the mandatory DYFA Student Safety Policy posted in the sign in book, and wear name tags that identify their school. Parents may only stay for their children’s school performance. Parent and guest seating is in the overflow area and cannot be guaranteed – standing room only is a possibility.

DYFA Excellence in the Arts Award Ceremony
Wed., April 27, 2016, 4:00pm at the Princess Margaret Public School library
Iced tea and cake will be served!