20th DYFA happens Aprl 24 to 27 / 2017

DYFA…A celebration of Dufferin’s youth and what they’re accomplishing in the arts. We’re unique! This festival of music, dance, drama and visual arts embraces students not only from the elementary and secondary divisions but also the public, separate, private and home schooling sectors. Administrators, principals, teachers, parents, school councils, and community sponsors link arms for the children of Dufferin!

First Prize? Second Prize?
There are many other opportunities to participate in competitive Art Festivals. The DYFA is not about competition or solo divas. We gather to showcase what is creating excitement in the arts based on Ontario’s Ministry of Education curriculum.

DYFA Excellence in the Arts Award Ceremony
April 25th, 2017, 4:00pm at the Princess Margaret Public School library. RSVP April 21 wcarter@carters.ca

2017 Awards winners: Ingrid Langhorst, Sharon Larsen, Barb White, Steve Runciman, Bridget Burd , Dr. Martha Rogers, Betty Ann Lever, Frank Adriano, Kevin Snowball, Sean Carter, Rosemary Fyfe, Marilyn Logan, Wally VanderVaart and Andrew Gordon

2017 – Special thanks to Compass Community Church who host the DFYA again this year! www.thisiscompass.com